Whether you’re introducing a consumer electronics product or a new cleanroom sensing device, Maccabee is your technology PR partner.

Maccabee’s technology PR programs promoting consumer electronics products such as Ergotron laptop mounts, education technology such as PLATO Learning, industry tech for Pitney Bowes Transportation Software, software innovator International Decision Systems and JAMF Software, are creative, integrated and obsessed with sales results.

Your company’s expertise may be in cloud computing or precision nanotechnology analysis, in supply chain logistics, leasing administration software, cleanroom technology or in data security. No matter how sophisticated your field, Maccabee leverages every PR and marketing channel —YouTube videos, tech bloggers, downloadable e-books, LinkedIn discussions, Twitter feeds, industry trade shows and magazines from Data Center Journal to MacWorld — to engage your sales prospects and transform them into customers.

Case Studies

Building a New Consumer Electronics Category - Ergotron Premieres the Next Generation of Workstations

The $150 million computer accessories company Ergotron wanted to do more than compete against rival consumer electronics firms . . . it wanted to transform the category of ergonomic computer mounts for Mac and PC users. So, Maccabee designed aRead More

Technology Marketing Electrifies VISI's Brand

As the PR agency for the largest business-to-business data center, colocation and cloud computing provider in Minnesota, Maccabee has generated an avalanche of media coverage for VISI’s technology services. Demonstrating VISI’s mastery of online challenges from spam, viruses and dataRead More

Guiding Publicity for IDS Software's Management Buy-Out

When the chief executive officer and president of Minneapolis-based International Decision Systems (IDS) decided to buy the $45 million technology company back from its London-based owner, he selected Maccabee to ensure that communication with media, customers and employees was flawless.Read More