Building a New Consumer Electronics Category – Ergotron Premieres the Next Generation of Workstations

The $150 million computer accessories company Ergotron wanted to do more than compete against rival consumer electronics firms . . . it wanted to transform the category of ergonomic computer mounts for Mac and PC users.

So, Maccabee designed a product demo strategy targeting computer magazine editors and bloggers. The PR blitz resulted in rave reviews from MacAddict magazine (which gave Ergotron’s products an Editor’s Choice Award) to a four out of four rating from Macworld, along with praise from PC Today, PC World and PC magazines.

Maccabee’s blogger relations campaign struck gold, generating applause for Ergotron’s computer stands from such influential bloggers as, ChipChick blog and SlashGear. Building upon Ergotron’s launch at the Consumer Electronics Show, Maccabee secured high-fives from Macworld’s Dan Frakes, who highlighted Ergotron’s Lift Stand as one of his “Things I Might Buy Myself.”

Trade media outreach drove additional visibility for Ergotron in vertical industries from law enforcement ( and Research and Development (Lab Product News) to retail (Digital Signage Quarterly), hospitality (Quick Serve Restaurants), law firms (Legal Technology Product News) and education (THE Journal).

Launching the “Uprising” Movement for Ergotron

When an Ergotron-commissioned survey found that three out of four employees at companies wished they’d didn’t have to spend their working hours sitting, and that 25% had sought medical treatment for issues relating to their sedentary office lifestyle, Maccabee helped Ergotron launch a national “Uprising” campaign that kicked off with the survey data being featured in Laptop magazine.

Calling upon employees to demand the freedom to sit or stand at their desk as they chose, Maccabee sparked coverage from Office Professional and Employee Assistance Report to consumer blogs such as The Gadgeteer and GottaBeMobile’s blog review cheered, “The Ergotron Workfit Is Saving My Back” and raved, awarding the WorkFit a five out of five rating.

Typical of the reviews generated by Maccabee was a video evaluation of Ergotron’s WorkFit product with 10 color photos by Gear Diary blog. The review ended with the words: “So, do I like this? YES! If I had not been sent a review unit, would I be buying one? YES again. I am VERY impressed with this piece of work gear. VERY!”