Business to Business PR

Whether your company needs to market its products to end-users, dealers, retailers, integrators, consultants, specifiers, wholesalers or value-added resellers, Maccabee’s business-to-business public relations campaigns build upon years of experience engaging with and selling to demanding, sophisticated audiences.

Our B-to-B marketing strategies for clients from VISI, Pitney Bowes and Visual Circuits to Sunrise Community Banks, CIGNA Behavioral Health and International Decision Systems combine trade media outreach, event marketing and trade shows, social media networks including LinkedIn, content for industry blogs, downloadable e-books and white papers, and online video.

Do you want to sell to and build long-term relationships with hospital purchasing agents, bankers, chemical and pharmaceutical engineers, physicians, human resource directors, realtors, franchisees, CEOs, school administrators, laboratory coordinators, corporate counsel, supermarket and restaurant managers, travel agents, IT managers and logistics engineers? Maccabee has been there and done that… with exceptional creativity and sales impact.

Case Studies

NetSPI and Maccabee – A Penetrative PR and Content Marketing Partnership

Thought Leadership Built Around B2B Media Relations and Content Marketing NetSPI, the Minneapolis-based cybersecurity firm, wanted to raise its visibility – regionally and nationally – as a penetration testing and attack surface management leader. To do so, Maccabee developed aRead More

Connecting Hazelden with Corporate Customers

How could substance abuse treatment center Hazelden reach out to the thousands of corporate executives and human resource directors who had refused to consider addiction in the workplace a mission-critical subject? The answer was Maccabee’s creation of a “Making RecoveryRead More

Technology Marketing Electrifies VISI's Brand

As the PR agency for the largest business-to-business data center, colocation and cloud computing provider in Minnesota, Maccabee has generated an avalanche of media coverage for VISI’s technology services. Demonstrating VISI’s mastery of online challenges from spam, viruses and dataRead More

Guiding Publicity for IDS Software's Management Buy-Out

When the chief executive officer and president of Minneapolis-based International Decision Systems (IDS) decided to buy the $45 million technology company back from its London-based owner, he selected Maccabee to ensure that communication with media, customers and employees was flawless.Read More