Connecting Hazelden with Corporate Customers

How could substance abuse treatment center Hazelden reach out to the thousands of corporate executives and human resource directors who had refused to consider addiction in the workplace a mission-critical subject?

The answer was Maccabee’s creation of a “Making Recovery America’s Business” campaign for Hazelden. The stigma-busting corporate education PR program combined a survey of HR Directors’ attitudes toward addiction, a public TV documentary, a speaking tour by Hazelden expert William Cope Moyers, and free pamphlets on addiction in the workplace.

The result? Coverage for Hazelden in more than 100 magazines, radio and TV shows and newspapers, including USA Today, National Public Radio, Working Woman, Business Week, Workforce Management, Counselor, Employee Assistance Report, Workplace Substance Abuse Adviser, Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow, Employee Benefits Planner, Employee Assistance and Clinical Psychiatry News.