Crisis Preparedness and Communications

From threats of consumer boycotts, product recalls, on-site injuries and deaths to discrimination lawsuits, plant fires, employee layoffs, TV news probes and federal investigations. . .

Maccabee has helped clients prepare for and communicate effectively during every conceivable crisis.
Maccabee’s 24/7 crisis preparedness and communications services include:

  • Creation of customized communications plans, ensuring that clients are prepared with a process to handle any emergency
  • Crisis message development
  • Online crisis preparation, including non-public “dark sites” and pre-shot video for response via social media channels
  • Media, presentation and message training for CEOs and other spokespeople
  • Facilitation of crisis drills to polish clients’ preparedness before an emergency happens
  • Real-time monitoring of thousands of TV and radio stations, blogs, online news sites, newspapers and magazines for crisis mentions.

Maccabee’s Approach to Crisis Communication

We work with clients to identify potential crisis situations and formulate communications plans specific to each possible scenario. In the event of a crisis, we guide clients through the situation while embracing a philosophy of respect for all parties involved; honesty with news media; sensitivity to employees, franchisees, investors and other internal stakeholders; and a rock-solid understanding of how broadcast, print and online reporters do their jobs.

Crisis Management In The Age of Social Media

In an era when posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and millions of blogs can destroy corporate brands and consumer goodwill in seconds, Maccabee offers clients expert guidance with online reputation management. Agency clients’ benefit from best in-class monitoring and analytics tools combined with thoughtful insight from seasoned counsel with more than 100 years of combined crisis experience.

Case Studies