Using Bold Content Marketing and Media Campaigns to Drive National Visibility for Fleet Management Technology

PeopleNet, a provider of technology solutions to help truck fleets improve safety and compliance and reduce costs, wanted to build national awareness of its fleet management and telematics offerings to truckload, LTL, private and energy services fleet managers. Over the course of three years, Maccabee launched a complementary B2B media relations and content marketing campaign that resulted in a stream of coverage about PeopleNet in key trade journals. By thoroughly understanding the features of PeopleNet technology, Maccabee served as expert ghost writers for authored articles on behalf of PeopleNet leadership, positioning them as thought leaders within the industry.

Content and Inbound Marketing

In addition to driving national visibility, lead generation was a vital measure of the success. To support this goal, Maccabee developed multiple thought leadership content pieces, including:

  • A downloadable e-book on Supply Chain logistics in food service
  • An infographic and white paper on Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
  • An infographic on the Internet of Transportation Things (IoTT)
  • A white paper and e-book on Oil & Gas services

For each content offering, Maccabee conducted research, interviewed subject matter experts, wrote the content, and partnered with a graphic design firm to bring it to life. On behalf of PeopleNet, Maccabee led promotional tactics that included sponsored social media content, direct advertising through e-newsletters, and media relations. In fact, the white paper focused on the ELD mandate resulted in numerous media interviews with PeopleNet experts in Transport Topics, The Trucker and Fleet Owner, among others.

Maccabee also launched a dedicated content marketing campaign to reach new prospects for Trimble, Oil and Gas services, the PeopleNet parent company. A downloadable e-book, white paper and case studies were created to drive inbound traffic to As well, the case studies were used to generate media placements in key industry trade publications, including Field Technologies and North American Oil & Gas Pipelines.

Media Relations and Publicity

One of the most reputable trade journals reaching PeopleNet’s target audiences welcomed Maccabee’s outreach: “I enjoy the great work that Maccabee does for trade journalists such as myself,” said Aaron Huff, senior editor for Commercial Carrier Journal. “They are always quick to respond to any and all requests. I always get an immediate response letting me know they are working to set up an interview and provide needed information, and I know they will deliver.”

Another key journal editor says, “As a trade industry journalist, it’s excellent working with Maccabee PR both at live events and with general news release information,” added Aaron Marsh, senior editor of Fleet Owner magazine. “They’re always very helpful and professional, responding to my needs and requests promptly and helping me get the information and media to do my job. The Maccabee people help make that job go smoother and more efficiently — and I very much appreciate it. This kind of quality and professionalism is hard to find and very valuable to me in my work.”

Media relations and content marketing efforts were a success for PeopleNet, helping the company to raise visibility in national trade media through, on average, three to five media placements per month.