Growing the Gold’n Plump Brand Through Geo-Targeted Bloggers

When the Midwestern brand of all natural Gold’n Plump chicken expanded for the first time into new markets on the East Coast, Maccabee connected the brand with new consumers through a multi-city, awareness-building blogger outreach campaign.

Maccabee expertly guided its client through the blogosphere by targeting family-friendly, chicken-loving bloggers with influence in the key markets of New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Inciting trial, Maccabee coordinated shipments of Gold’n Plump chicken samples to encourage food and mommy bloggers to review the product. The campaign resulted in 21 original blog placements that increased awareness of the Gold’n Plump brand with more than 100,000 consumers.

Often sampling the product in original recipes and posting personal photos and links to, the East Coast bloggers shared their authentic experiences with readers. A Full Measure of Happiness blog (NY) admired the brand, calling it “super tender and juicy. Much more so than the frozen chicken breasts.” and Souffle Bombay blog (PA) confidently shared, “I feel good about feeding this chicken to my family!”

The blog posts sparked conversation about Gold’n Plump in the comments sections of blogs and on social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. One potential Gold’n Plump customer remarked favorably on the I Can Cook That blog (PA) with, “I want to try that chicken.” On The Gourmand Mom (NY) blog, another reader raved, “My Target store also started carrying this, and we enjoyed it last week. It’s great to know they’re also a conscientious company!”

Overwhelmingly, bloggers and their audiences loved the new Gold’n Plump brand of all natural chicken, as well as its availability at their local stores!