Inbound Marketing Electrifies Outreach to Energy Executives

Minneapolis-based company The National Theatre for Children (NTC) faced an unprecedented marketing challenge. NTC had to connect, and quickly, with a vital target market for its live, in-school theatre, TV and Web programs on energy issues — corporate utility sponsors. Going beyond just electric and gas utility executives, NTC needed to engage specifically with those utility executives involved with the energy efficiency and demand side management (DSM) initiatives.

Instead of relying on traditional advertising or publicity efforts, Maccabee created a bold, inbound marketing campaign for NTC. The content offer centered on a free downloadable e-book, “7 Strategies To Power Up Your CFOs Support: How To Get Money For Your DSM Program,” created by Maccabee in consultation with DSM executives and partner Peter Hill Design.

The Maccabee agency’s “7 Strategies to Power Up” inbound marketing campaign for NTC integrated:

  • Trade media outreach to influential editors of electric utility magazines,
  •  Social media to connect NTC with energy executives through YouTube videos and LinkedIn,
  •  The creation of a dedicated Twitter stream (@NTCenergy),
  • Sponsorships of energy conferences held by groups such as the Peak Load Management Alliance and Association of Energy Services Professionals,
  • Email marketing with A/B-tested copy customized for energy executives.
  • Online banner advertising with industry influencers, including the Fierce Energy, Smart Grid News and Energy Efficiency Markets newsletters.

NTC was delighted with the results. The campaign generated:

  • 190 e-book downloads, of which 55 percent of whom were qualified leads. Identified as true sales prospects, these DSM and energy efficiency leads were funneled into NTC’s sales process to convert into future customers.
  • Excellent conversion rates with fully 38 percent of visitors to the NTC landing page downloading the e-book.
  • A speaking opportunity for NTC at the Peak Load Management Association’s spring conference.
  • Opportunities to see NTC programs by utility executives through publicity article placement in Midwest Energy News online publication.
  • Another 97,000 opportunities to see the NTC message through online banner and e-newsletter advertising.

Ultimately, the NTC “7 Strategies to Power Up” campaign achieved more than 100 percent of its lead generation goal. “This campaign was completely on target with our unified brand promise,” says NTC president Ward Eames. “Maccabee was able to execute our multi-platform inbound marketing campaign on time and on budget. Just terrific work!”